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Now more than ever, we’re faced with the overwhelming stress of life. Global connection isn’t making things any easier, either. Endless tasks and responsibilities chase us everywhere we go. It’s no surprise we’re all obsessed with self-care, or at least, the concept of it. Case in point: face masks and eight-step skin care routines. Social media detox. Gym subscriptions. Morning meditations. Netflix marathons. Thats where Travel comes in.

Scientifically, self-care is actually a part of health care. It’s the things we can control and initiate for our wellness. In the world of medicine, self-care is related to taking vitamins to prevent sickness. In another world, self-care is in the form of travel. Here’s why is it important to us.

1. It’s easier to disconnect


Because of the prevalence of issues brought about by social media, many of us need a break. Going on a digital detox is a lot easier when travelling, as our days are filled with activities to do and sights to see.

2. We’re away from day-to-day distractions


It’s so easy to get preoccupied with the burdens of life when we’re in the same environment with the same people. While escapism isn’t always the solution to problems, sometimes we have to step back from our stressors to think clearly. Travelling also encourages living in the moment, as we become busy taking in every beautiful experience presently happening around us.

3. We gain new perspectives


In my experience, travelling has revealed to me several things. I’ve seen the beauty of the world from the view of mighty mountains. I’ve witnessed the bigger scale of life through the waves of the sea. Museums have taught me both the greatness and the inadequacy of the human race. But more than these, people from various walks of life have taught me values and important life lessons.

4. It fosters personal growth


We can’t keep growing when we’re in a stagnant environment. Everyone needs a dynamic life, and travelling gives us just that. We get to experience new things, with some even frightening for us. Going out of our comfort zones is essential to our growth as a person.

5. It shows us what we truly value


In our consumerist society, it’s easy to get lost in worldly standards. But in reality, life is more than our jobs. It’s more than our financial state, more than the number of our social media followers. In travelling, we realise and remember what our principles are. Away from the restricting expectations of those around us, we can reevaluate our lives. When we learn more about ourselves, we can become more focused on a goal that is truly aligned with our passions and life-long dreams.

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6. It makes us more productive

Self-care means we can focus on what brings us joy. When we know what we want, it’s easier to say “no” to things that don’t direct us to our needs and desires. With this, we can enjoy the things and people that actually matter to us.

7. It keeps our body healthy


Aside from improving our mental health, travel also keeps us physically fit. Think about all the walking you do when travelling! But more than the exercise we’re most likely to do while travelling, travelling also provides other health benefits as well. When we traverse from place to place, our immune system improves as we get exposed to different environments. Travelling is also good for the heart, with science proving that people who travel annually are less in risk of cardiovascular diseases.

8. It improves our self-confidence

Especially when we’re travelling solo, travelling pushes us to rely on ourselves to survive. We enhance our problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills. Our self-esteem also instantly boosts whenever we try something we wouldn’t normally try out when we’re inside our comfort zone.

9. We gain new friends

Again, travelling encourages us to meet people of various walks of life. As we move from city to city, we tend to keep an open mind to people who act differently from us. Without the prohibitions of preconceived notions, it’s simpler for us to accept people in all their forms as friends.

10. We can easily give back

Practicing self-care isn’t always about ourselves. Sometimes, it’s also about what we can do beyond ourselves. Ultimately, a full cup must overflow somewhere. As self-care fills us up with love, we must pour over that love towards others. And in travelling, we get even more opportunities to add value to the world.

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It’s scientifically proven that travelling helps people live longer. We’re less stressed, more physically fit, and we have more fun. So, let’s face the world with more love for ourselves — let’s all travel more.

Aug 16, 2023

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