15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector

Step into a world where tech and farming join forces! In the vast fields of India's agricultural landscape, a revolution is underway, spearheaded by 15 dynamic agritech startups. Picture this: farms aren't just about old-school plows anymore. They're now full of super cool tech that's changing how we grow, watch over, and pick crops. Get ready for a ride through this exciting change in Indian farming – where innovation and agriculture team up for a bright future!

15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector

India’s Agriculture - Green to Tech Revolution

India has always been great at farming, with lots of different types of land for growing things. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), India makes the most milk, jute, and pulses globally. It's also the second biggest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, groundnuts, and fruits/vegetables.

Farming started in India a long time ago, but things really took off during the Green Revolution led by a smart farmer, MS Swaminathan. Nowadays, with new farming technology, India is getting ready for a fourth agricultural revolution. Our country's farming tech is becoming super strong. From using smart devices for farming to machines that run on artificial intelligence (AI), we're entering a new era in farming.

As technology becomes more common in one of the world's biggest farming industries, Indian startups in farming tech are getting chances to make billions. An EY report says these startups might have a chance at a $24 billion market by 2025. India is on the brink of a fourth farming revolution that could change how the world gets its food. To show you the cool things happening, we've put together a list of some awesome Indian farming tech startups. They're doing amazing things to make farming better.

Agritech Startups in India


AgroStar, started by Shardul Sheth and Sitanshu Sheth in 2013, helps farmers with its app and voice-based solutions. The company has a platform where farmers can read and watch farming content, share pictures of their crop issues for advice, connect with other farmers, and even use voice search to find and buy farming products. They say they're the biggest digital network for farmers in India, helping over 5 million farmers in places like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Since they began, AgroStar got more than $111 million from various supporters like Aavishkaar Bharat Fund, Accel India, and Bertelsmann. However, even with more sales, the company's loss went up by 89%, reaching INR 141.7 Crore in the 2022 fiscal year compared to INR 74.8 Crore in the year before.



Started by Raj Kancham, Sachin Nandwana, and Sateesh Nukala in 2015, BigHaat is like a digital market just for farmers. It helps them with advice and gives them easy access to good-quality farming stuff.
The company uses lots of information from different sources to understand what farmers need. This helps them figure out how much food a farmer might grow and if there could be problems like bugs or bad weather. So far, they've got more than $13.4 million from supporters like JM Financial, Ankur Capital, and BlackSoil. They say over 4 million farmers are using their platform.



CropIn is a tech platform that helps businesses in farming from start to finish. Founded by Krishna Kumar and Kunal Prasad in 2010, it helps these businesses make decisions using real-time data.
CropIn has teamed up with more than 250 groups worldwide, covering 16 million acres of farms and helping around 7 million farmers. They give advice to farmers, suggest smart ways to use water, and even predict weather changes. In 2018, the government in Karnataka joined hands with CropIn to help farmers do better.



Founded by Shashank Kumar in 2012, DeHaat is like a one-stop-shop for farmers. It offers everything from good-quality farming stuff to personalized advice, financial help, and even ways to sell what they grow.
The startup says it has served over 2 million farmers in 11 states through its digital network of more than 11,000 'DeHaat Centres.' They deliver orders to more than 15 countries and have secured over $270 million in funding. Recently, they bought the fruit export business of Freshtrop Fruits.

15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector

Eeki Foods

Started by Abhay Singh and Amit Kumar in 2018, Eeki Foods wants to make farming eco-friendly with its special growing chambers. These chambers create the perfect conditions for plants to grow all year round.
Using their own tech, they control the climate in the farm, allowing vegetables to grow without being affected by the weather. They claim this helps crops grow with 80% less water compared to regular methods. Backed by Avaana Capital, Better Capital, and Icebreaker VC, they secured $6.5 million last year to expand and invest in more technology.

15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector


Established in 2012 by Kishor Kumar Jha and Praveen Kumar, Ergos helps farmers store their harvest for up to nine months. They also provide credit for most of the stored grains.
They connect farmers to buyers, keep the grains safe in warehouses, and offer affordable financial help. Ergos says this helps farmers turn their crops into digital assets that can be traded. They're helping over 1.6 lakh farmers, with warehouses in over 200 places across Bihar, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. They claim to have boosted farmers' incomes by 30-35%.



In 2016, Alekh Sanghera and Mehtab Singh Hans started FarMart, a cool tech platform helping big food businesses get good-quality produce. They use tech and data to find out what farmers need and connect them with stores.
FarMart has raised over $44 million so far, with support from Omidyar Network India, Avaana Capital, 500 Startups, and Matrix Partners India. They reach out to more than 600 districts through their app called SaudaBook, making the whole process smoother for food processors.



Founded by Shailendra Tiwari and Ananda Verma in 2018, Fasal is like a smart gardening helper. It uses technology to help farmers grow things better, using just the right amount of water and pesticides.
With more than $17 million in funding, Fasal has friends like ITI Growth Opportunities Fund, Navam Capital, 3one4 Capital, Omnivore, Wavemaker Partners, and Genting Ventures. They recently got $12 million from TDK Ventures and British International to grow their B2B brand, Fasal Fresh, and expand across India and Southeast Asia.



Gramophone, founded in 2016 by Tauseef Khan, Nishant Vats, and Harshit Gupta, is like a farming superstore. They sell everything a farmer needs, from seeds and fertilizers to equipment. They also give helpful services like advice on crops and weather.
With almost $19 million in funding, Gramophone has the backing of investors like Info Edge, Z3 Partners, Asha Impact, and Siana Capital. Last year, Info Edge decided to invest more in the company.


Intello Labs

In 2016, Milan Sharma, Nishant Mishra, Himani Shah, and Devendra Chandan started Intello Labs to make checking farm products easy. They use AI and special tools to grade and check the quality of farm goods.
Intello Labs creates machines like IntelloFlow, which does everything from weighing to packing agricultural goods. They got $2.82 million last year from Saama Capital, Avaana Capital, Omnivore, Nexus Ventures, and AgFunder. So far, they've got $15.72 million in total.

15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector


Started during the pandemic in 2020 by Vivek Nirmal and Nidhi Nirmal, KisanKonnect is like a bridge between farmers and buyers. They directly get food from farmers and sell it in places like Mumbai and Pune.
They manage lots of farmland, claiming over 1.75 lakh acres, and deliver tons of veggies and fruits every month. They say more than 1 lakh people in Pune and Mumbai use their services. In May, they got support from actor Shilpa Shetty.

kisan konnect


Founded in 2015 by Nagarajan, Sharath Loganathan, Sachin Jose, Kartheeswaran KK, and Vasudevan Chinnathambi, Ninjacart is like a superhero for groceries. They collect fresh produce directly from farmers and deliver it to over 17,000 retail stores.
With more than $396 million in support from Tiger Global, Walmart, Accel India, and Trifecta Capital Advisors, Ninjacart had sales over INR 1,000 crore in the financial year ending March 31, 2023.

15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector


Otipy, a part of Crofarm Agriproducts founded in 2020 by Varun Khurana and Prashant Jain, is like a helpful neighbor for fresh produce. They use special tech to figure out what people want and deliver it super fast.
With $69 million in funding, Otipy's friends include Westbridge Capital, SIG, and Omidyar Network India. They're proud of having the lowest wastage rate in the industry at 3%.



Founded in 2020 by Praneeth Kumar, Mrudhukar Batchu, Kiran Naik, and Shobhit Jain, Vegrow is like a matchmaker for farmers and buyers. They help farmers sell their crops in the best way possible, using tech for things like grading and packing.
Vegrow got over $80 million in total funding, with a big chunk coming in December 2023. They plan to use the money to grow more and improve their tech.



Founded by Karthik Jayaraman and Sanjay Dasari in 2015, WayCool is like a magic wand for the whole farming process. They use tech to connect farmers with people who want to buy their produce.
With over 85,000 farmers on board, WayCool deals with everything from fresh fruits and veggies to dairy products. They also have tech products for things like buying and selling in the farming world.

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15 Agritech Startups Revolutionizing India's Agricultural Sector

The Bottom Line

In the dynamic realm of Indian agritech, these startups aren't just cultivating crops; they're sowing the seeds of a digital revolution. The fourth agricultural revolution is at hand, and the script is being written with the ink of optimism and progress.

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