Top 10 Singapore Stock Performers for Indian

Dive into a decade of market dynamics as we unveil the top-performing Singaporean stocks from the past 10 years. Discover the standout players that have shaped the financial landscape, providing insights into sustained success and lessons for the future. Top 10 Singapore Stock Performers

10 best-performing SG stocks

Below is the compiled list of 10 best performing stocks of singapore stock exchange:




Best World International Ltd


AEM Holdings Ltd


Azeus Systems Holdings Ltd


Samudera Shipping Line Ltd


UMS Holdings Ltd


Multi-Chem Limited 


Powermatic Data Systems Ltd


iFAST Corporation Ltd 


Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd


Frencken Group Ltd

Key Factors to Consider Before Investing in Top-Performing SG Stocks

Investing in top-performing stocks can be a rewarding venture, but prudent investors understand the importance of careful consideration before making financial commitments. Here are crucial factors to weigh when contemplating investments in the high-performing SG stocks highlighted in this blog:

1. Business Model Resilience:

  • Assess the robustness and adaptability of the business model. A successful track record should align with a business model capable of weathering market fluctuations and evolving industry landscapes.

2. Earnings Consistency:

  • Examine the consistency of earnings over the years. Sustainable growth in revenue and net profit is a positive indicator of a company's financial health.

3. Cyclicality Risks:

  • Understand the extent to which the company's performance is influenced by cyclicality. Companies dependent on specific market cycles may experience challenges during downturns.

4. Cash Flow Analysis:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of the company's cash flow. Positive operating cash flow is crucial for sustaining operations and indicates a healthy financial position.

5. Industry Trends:

  • Stay informed about industry trends and potential disruptors. Companies that align with future trends and technological advancements are more likely to maintain their competitive edge.

6. Valuation Metrics:

  • Consider valuation metrics such as price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio. Ensure that the stock's current price reflects its intrinsic value, guarding against overvaluation.

7. Future Growth Prospects:

  • Investigate the company's plans for future growth. Expansion strategies, product pipelines, and market penetration initiatives are indicators of a company's forward-looking approach.

8. Market Conditions:

  • Stay attuned to broader market conditions and economic indicators. External factors can influence stock performance, and an understanding of these dynamics is crucial for informed decision-making.

Top 10 Singapore Stock Performers


1. Best World International Ltd (SGX: CGN) - +2,765% Return:

Headquartered in Singapore, Best World International specializes in premium skincare, personal care, beauty, health, and wellness brands.

Despite a trading suspension in 2019 due to allegations by Bonitas Research, the company denied the claims, and after a three-year halt, trading resumed.   

2. AEM Holdings Ltd (SGX: AWX) - +2,738.7% Return:

AEM is a semiconductor test solutions provider based in Singapore, founded in 2000.

With consistent YoY growth in revenue and net profit, the company has seen an overall return of 2,738.7% in the last 10 years.

3. Azeus Systems Holdings Ltd (SGX: BBW) - +939.7% Return:

A Hong Kong-based IT solutions provider listed in Singapore, Azeus Systems has shown potential with growing revenue and net income in the past 5 years. Investors should scrutinize cash flow trends for a more comprehensive assessment.

4. Samudera Shipping Line Ltd (SGX: S56) - +892.1% Return:

Specializing in container shipping and logistics services, Samudera Shipping serves markets in the Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, Southeast Asia, and the Far East. Recent stock price appreciation is attributed to tailwinds in shipping and logistics post-2020.

5. UMS Holdings Ltd (SGX: 558) - +775.3% Return:

UMS specializes in manufacturing high-precision front-end semiconductor components and providing complex electromechanical assembly and testing services.

Strong fundamentals, exponential revenue and profit growth, and positive operating cash flow indicate the company's resilience.

6. Multi-Chem Ltd (SGX: AWZ) - +613.5% Return:

Multi-Chem focuses on specialty chemicals distribution and IT distribution.

Despite COVID challenges, a 10-year track record of topline growth suggests resilience, and consumable nature of products signals potential for continued growth.

7. Powermatic Data Systems Ltd (SGX: BCY) - +605.5% Return:

Specializing in wireless connectivity devices, Powermatic Data Systems is the only Authorized Design Center endorsed by Qualcomm Atheros in Southeast Asia.

Superior gross and net margins, along with YTD positive performance, make it an interesting prospect.

8. iFAST Corporation Ltd (SGX: AIY) - +599.2% Return:

iFAST is a global digital banking and wealth management platform headquartered in Singapore.

The company experienced unexpected tailwinds during the COVID period, and although stock prices corrected, robust operating cash flow and free cash flow margins offer promise.

9. Micro-Mechanics (Holdings) Ltd (SGX: 5DD) - +532.2% Return:

Micro-Mechanics designs, manufactures, and markets high-precision parts and tools for the semiconductor and high-technology industries.

Despite a recent semiconductor sector slowdown, the long-term uptrend in earnings and dividends is noteworthy.

10. Frencken Group Ltd (SGX: E28) - +528.4% Return:

 Frencken Group is an integrated technology solutions company with a global presence. Multi-bagger returns are supported by the company's ability to scale and grow over the last decade.

The Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving financial landscape, these promising prospects stand as a testament to the potential rewards of strategic investing. Whether they will remain steadfast in the top echelons of performance a decade from now remains a question for the future. As we navigate the dynamic currents of the market, the key lies in informed decisions, continuous evaluation, and an unwavering commitment to adaptability. The journey of investment, after all, is as much about the wisdom of today as it is about the foresight for tomorrow.

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